Education for mum photographers



If we haven't already met my name is Charlotte.

I have been running a successful portrait, wedding & brand photography business for over 8 years around three children.

Over the last 8 years I have been supported by client's all around the world & featured in many popular magazines.

Not only has photography given me a gift to wake up & do what I love everyday but it more importantly gave me freedom, choice & flexibility around motherhood.

There is nothing more important to me then helping new mum's find purpose & passion again

When I became a new mum I felt like I lost my identity over night.

I lost my income, body, voice & felt almost like a dependant child until starting my business.

My business helped me find myself again. It gave me something to focus on & complete (unlike the never ending washing pile that was almost mocking me). It gave me a reason to leave the house, it gave me work to pour my heart & soul into and get creative with but more importantly it helped me inspire my children to want more.

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